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IL 2 - (Oct/05/2011 )

High every one,
Do you know what is the best manifactured IL 2 to use for Nk cell tissue culture?
and why you think this is the best ?

also... According to a practical experience is the any difference in the result in using one of these tissue culture media ? RPMI , MEM, Myocult



Any one can help there please?


I think so Proleukin is the best preparation. I am using it for Large granular lymphocytes. Novartis, is selling Proleukin.
The site has a data sheet on Proleukin, and according to that one vial is reconstituted to give 1.2ml at 18 million units per ml. At 350 units per ml this is enough for about 60 litres of medium, so I think one vial will be enough. This is so much more than the Sigma product I find it hard to believe - it costs about £130 and by my calculations is enough for less than 30ml medium.