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Micro-incinerator usage - (Oct/03/2011 )

Is there anyone using microincinerator in their microbiology laboratories? I'm curious if it is necessary or not because according to Turkish Health Ministry, it should be used instead of Bunsen burner at every laboratory.
If anyone using, could you please compare Bunsen burner and microincinerator and also possible benefits of microincinerator?


Doesnt the governement provide documentation about why you need to use the microincinerator rather then a bunsen burner? Because if not.. it doesnt make sense.
They must have a reason to make this law..

I cant see a real reason...


I am familiar with concerns for open flames in labs to drive folks to use microincinerators - to the point that many are now being built without natural gas connections.

-Phil Geis-

I believe the regulatory concern is that flames induce local boiling and splattering of cultures, which can lead to viable splashes. The incinerators heat from the outside in and are enclosed, eliminating this potential issue.