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Let-7 and miR-143 miRNA? - (Oct/01/2011 )

Dear All
Since I am new to miRNA research area, I have been searching the Pubmed to know whether Let-7 and miR-143 miRNA are physiologically related, but could not find an answer. Is there a database that can illucidate whether miR-143 belongs to Let-7 family?


hi there. this is the link of the most commonly used microRNA database. U can search here. By the way, have u ever taken help of any book? i can suggest u a good book for acquiring some primary knowledge on miRNA.

Recombinant DNA - genes and genomes- a short course (3rd edition)
James D. Watson, Richard M. Myers, Amy A. Caudy, Jan A. Witkowski
(Chapter 9 for RNAi and related topics)

-Rifat Rumki-