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Can someone recommend a good proteomics company/facility with Orbitrap and can p - (Sep/26/2011 )


I am performing a phosphoproteomics study where I would like to use strong cation exchange (SCX) followed by TiO2 column as the strategy of enriching for phospho peptides, and then applied the enriched peptides on LC-MS/MS (ideally, Orbitrap-Velos). I am wondering if anyone could recommend some proteomics facility or company that perform this type of phosphoproteomics services. Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help!!!




I am a co-founder of MS Bioworks a mass spectrometry proteomics service organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Founded with the assistance of Promega Corporation in 2010 our business model involves a routine analytical services portfolio and the capacity for non-routine custom projects. We have a well-equipped wet lab, state of the art instrumentation i.e. Orbitrap-Velos Pro, and bioinformatics capabilities enabling us to address the sample preparation, data acquisition and data analysis associated with modern proteomics experiments. We currently operate with numerous academic institutions and industrial organizations as an alternative source of services.

We offer a number of phosphoproteomics services that vary in price relative to the degree of sample fractionation and instrument time. If you would like to discuss this further drop a email to