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mass compatible silver staining - (Sep/21/2011 )

I used coomassie even colloidal coomassie staining for my 2D gels, but unfortunately I have poor results. Therefore, I prefer to use silver staining. Although I carried out a mass compatible silver staining protocol, I cannot get a good MS/MS result. I'm new in mass spec analysis and my problem is there are several mass compatible silver staining protocols and I cannot decide which to prefer. For instance, some protocols use formalin in each step but the others use it only in developing step. Some uses only EDTA in stopping step, the others acetic acid. Therefore, I need people who have good mass spec analysis using silver stained spots.
Thanks in advance..


I think these following will help you... but the whole point is that you destain the gel properly. And these two protocols worked for me so I think it should work for you too

All the best