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data analysis for single cell size and distribution - (Sep/21/2011 )

I am analyzing the size of single yeast cell and their size distribution based on their age by the flow cytometry and WinMDI

But I think WinMDI is not efficient enough to figure out the size of single cell and its distribution from the histogram. I also got the problem with scaling on X and Y axis. I had seen the differentiation of size by micrometer and population of cells by number of cells.
but after I run the experiment, I do not know how to scale the Xaxis in um and Y axis in number of cells in WMDI.

or should i use another software instead of WMDI ? if so, could you advise please ?

thank you very much


What sort of instrument are you using? Since traditional flow cytometers use light scatter, and since light scatter is based more so on refractive index and not size, it is impossible to convert the FSC and SSC axes to absolute um values. All you can do is make relative judgements based on the scale values (this group of cells is 2 times bigger than the other). It should be completely sufficient to compare your samples using this relative scale.