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Trypsin Deactivation - (Sep/19/2011 )


I want to learn if trypsin (after cell detachment) could be deactivated by DMEM only without serum??

What really stops trypsin? Ions? Proteins?


-Selcen Celik-

a little googling and I found this:

apparently it is due to specific trypsin inhibitors present in serum. I am sure you can buy these inhibitors separately if you really don't want serum in your sample but seru would be by far the easiest and cheapest way.


Thank you for the reply :)

Yes I think so that serum is the easiest way for that...

-Selcen Celik-

Soy-bean trypsin inhibitor (try Sigma-Aldrich) is another way to do it, if you really have to exclude serum.


Hi Bob,

Thank you for your advice !

-Selcen Celik-