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immortalized lymphocytes do not grow! - (Sep/15/2011 )

Hello everyone,

5 days ago I received a flask of immortalized lymphocites that has been on the road 4 days.
I immediately substituted the media with fresh RPMI 15% FBS and incubated at 37°C but the cells are not growing or forming agglomerates still! Furthermore, most of the cells have many black dots.

I'm just hoping that some will still live and start to proliferate??

Thanks in advance



What medium were they initially sent in? If it wasn't RPMI, you have given them a big shock, which they may recover from, but it isn't a certainty. You could try conditioning some medium (using another lymphocyte line would be best) and adding that to help the recovery.


Thank you for the reply!
I used the same medium in wich the cells have been sent to me.To date, some agglomerate (visible with the microscope only) begins to form; but most of the cells forming the agglomerates have black dots. I followed your advice and tried to grow other cells with this medium. They're fine. How can I do?