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stability of Phusion and Pfu at room temperature - (Sep/12/2011 )

Hi everyone,

by a very unfortunate accident, my tube of Phusion and Pfu enzyme were left for about 5 days at room temperature.
I am wondering whether i can still use these enzymes.
Have anyone ever encountered the same problem? Does anyone have any idea about how long these 2 enzymes can be stable at room temperature?




Ask the manufacturer- this is what I've found with a quick google search....

According to NEB- Phusion is stable at RT for up to 2 months (see FAQ here:

As for pfu- doesn't look promising, it says here ( that it is stable for 5 days at 10C so I guess it depends on what room temperature was for you.....

You could always just test some to see, but I guess it depends how precious your samples are.


Thanks Leelee,

Actually we gave a try on a positive control, both enzymes worked but bands on the gel displayed lower intensities whereas the PCR ran for 35cycles (which usually yield enough DNA to show a high intensity band). That's why i was wondering whether someone experienced something similar.
With the phusion we do cloning so it is important that in theory 5 days at RT should not have affected the enzymatic activity, as for Pfu we mainly use it for mutagenesis and generating blunt-PCR product so i hope it will be enough for this.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.