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Storage buffer for antibodies - (Sep/06/2011 )

I am planning to do chromatin immunoprecipation and had given order for antibodies. I want to know answers to the following questions

Do you want 0.05% Sodium Azide to be added in the antisera Yes NO
Composition of formulation buffer for antibody: PBS-Glycerol PBS-Glycerol-Azide PBS-Azide PBS Others
Do you want to replace PBS with Tris? YES NO

What are these buffers and when shpuld they be used for storing antibodies?



PBS-glycerol-Azide will be best to store antibody. keep Azide as low as you can maybe 0.01% is also sufficient. No need to add tris a PBS is a buffer of its own.

1X PBS (Phosphate Buffer Saline) + 20% Glycerol + 0.01% Sodium Azide


I agree with linpaco PBS glycerol Azide is best for your application.


i agree with two guys.