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Western Blot Protein Length - (Aug/30/2011 )

Hello Forum,

please take a look at this image

It shows a Western blot of an extract of proteins.

My question is how can you determine the length of both proteins A and B graphically?

Could you please help me?


Hmmm... homework?

What are size standards for?


1) determine the migration distance of each standard. It starts at "Auftragspunkte der Probe"; e.g.: 180 kDa = 0.9 cm; 120 kDa = 2 cm ...
2) plot values on a semi-logarithmic scale (y-axis: logarithmic=kDa; x-axis: linear= migration distance)
3) determine the migration distance of the protein bands
4) now you can determine the size of the proteins by reference of the graph of point 2)


Thank you.

But the x-axis has to be the logarithm of the molecular weight and the y-axis has to be the migrations distance.


Oh noes... it's not that hard to switch the axes...