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Serum heat inactivation - (Aug/29/2011 )


It would be grateful to know do the FBS of non-USA origin really need to heat inactivate.Currently,there are many studies stating pre experimental incubation at 37 degree just alone will inactivate the complement and real time inactivation is a waste of time and money.

I am using both HEK -239 AND B16. Mistakenly I used the heat inactivated serum with a new bottle,where the cells shows to more adherent and required more trypisnisation time.

I am using the cell lines for trafficking studies ,but so far nothing different observed.

Thank you


If you normally use inactivated serum, then you should continue to inactivate your serum regardless of origin.

Inactivation is not really time consuming or money wasting at all - 45 minutes at 56 degrees is a pretty short incubation and many labs have 56 degree waterbaths on constantly for keeping medium-agar solutions liquid.