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Cloning App Released from Life Technologies - (Aug/25/2011 )

Hi Folks,

Shamless plug for a project we just completed and launched yesterday. Its an iphone/ipad app for scientists who frequently do bench cloning. This was a multi-month project involving several of our R&D scientists and I am pretty proud of the final product so I wanted to share!

Its actually a suite of tools/guides including the following:

<*>Restriction Enzyme Finder
<*>Double Digest Finder
<*>Competent Cell Selection Guide
<*>Nucleic acid concentration calculator
<*>PCR MasterMix Calculator
<*>Vector to Insert Molar Ratios Calculator
<*>Molar Quantities Calculator
<*>Bacterial Growth Timer
<*>Gene Size Estimator

Hopefully this makes your lives just a little bit easier. Of course its also free and available for both iphone and ipad devices.

We have more tools like this in the works so please let us know if you like them! Hopefully this is ok here.




also available for android?



perhaps an open platform java version?

-Adrian K-