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Dissolve IPTG in EtOH - (Aug/25/2011 )

Hey all,

do you know if it harms IPTG dissolving it in EtOH. Does it still can be used for Induction?
A water bottle was labelled wrong :-(

Thanks in advance

-Danio ivanio-

Small amounts of ethanol have minimal effect on E. coli cultures. It is common to add 1 ml of antibiotics in ethanol to a liter of prepared medium with no discernible effect.


Did that once, dissolve IPTG in ethanol. That worked okay.


Thanks for the replies, the induction worked very well! So seems no difference dissolving it in EtOH or Water. Since it was 8mL in 8L the quantity seemed not affecting the Bacteria as well.

-Danio ivanio-

Hi, just to make sure, we're talking about 100% ethanol, is that right? Thanks in advance.