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Gooey DNA is protein samples after adding sample buffer - (Aug/23/2011 )

Why do my samples have gooey DNA after I add Sample buffer. It is still there after boiling the samples. First the lysate is clear when incubated with lysis buffer and I can make it clear by adding more lysis buffer but adding sample buffer will again make the DNA gooey?

I keep everything on ice and incubate with lysis buffer for 5min on ice and add ice cold Sample buffer and boil for 10min.


Hola, you have add loading buffer to whole cells, and whole DNA shows this aspect and difficults loading. So if you can, sonicate with a fine neddle apparatus for for 2-3 seconds each sample. or load the samples in hot directly from the heater, or digest your DNA before adding loading buffer with any DNAse or restriction enzyme. Buena suerte