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DNA polymerase: recombinant or native? - (Aug/11/2011 )


Could anyone clarify what is the difference between recombinant and native DNA polymerases? Do they work different? What is your opinion about such options?



I used to buy recombinant pfu from Fermentas and it worked fine for amplifying 7 kb. But last time one of their company co-founders met me and she said to buy native. I do not know the difference, but since she is one of their major scientists I took her advice. I think native is slightly more expensive than recombinant. Depends on the company though.


Thanks for your reply. But i'm really interested what is the difference (except the origin) between them.. Talking about the price, Taq (native)is twice as expensive as recombinant Taq..


Technically no different, other than that it has (probably) been expressed in E. coli, rather than the native organism, so it is cheaper to make, but may not be as active due to differences in the environment for tertiary and quaternary structure formation.