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Comparison between Western blot, Immunofluorescent, Immunohistochemistry and ELI - Protein detection/separation methods (Jul/30/2011 )

Dear all,

I'm now in performing protein detection/separation assays. Does anyone know the exact comparison between these four methods (please refer to topic title) in terms of their application and when/why should use this method instead of others? Well, their basic application is to detect the presence of specific proteins in a biological sample (tissue, cell lines, or individual cells).

I have a doubt on how to apply these methods. Let say, I want to check the presence of cytokines (protein) expressed by pancreatic cancer cells, then I perform Western blot to check their presence (intensity of the bands with marker/ladder). Could I replace Western blot analysis with immunofluorescent staining or immunohistochemistry since they share the same basic purpose?

Please share yours knowledge! Thank you!


IF/IHC answers different questions to western blotting...