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Using a different media than recommended - (Jul/29/2011 )

Hi, I have quick question. I'm trying to grow RPWE-1 prostate epithelial cells (details here) and ATCC and every article seems to grow them in keratinocyte serum free media. I've recently started growing them in RPMI-1640 phenol red free media with charcoal stripped FBS added to it and they seem to be growing ok so far. I'm wondering if there is anything to worry about if they are growing fine in a different than recommended media - can different media potentially have an effect on expression of certain genes or receptors and potentially cause any stress to the cells? I'm not well experienced with cell biology so if anyone has any advice that will be really helpful.



Different media will certainly change how the cells behave, depending on the levels of different factors in the mix. If you have ever tested different batches of FBS on cell lines to determine the best one, you will have been seeing an enhanced version of this.