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antibiotic stock solutions - (Jul/28/2011 )

Hi all, I need to prepare some 1000x abx stock solutions for 1 g/L media so I guess that means I need 1 g/ml stock solutions. I'm never sure what to dissolve abxs into in the first place for stock solutions and these are crazy high. So. . . any suggestions as to what to dissolve this much tetracycline, EDTA, triclosan, and tetracycline (yes, it's a strange list) into? And is there a really good list of the usual abxs and what to dissolve them in out there? There's a link to one on this website, but it's a bit confusing. Thanks!


check this for starters:

All you need to do is find out in what liquid you can dissolve your antibiotics.
Did you do a search on the internet?

The question about the 1000X is indeed right (if you say that 1x is 1g/liter then 1000x is 1000g/liter or 1g/ml.
However: why does it need to be 1000x?