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Tissue culture treatment of cover slip - Tissue culture treatment without using amine/ thiol containing buffers (Jul/28/2011 )

Hi Scientists,

I need your assistance or suggestion in regards to treating glass cover slips without using any biological or chemical buffers (amine or thiol groups) so that it won't interfere with my fluorescent dye.

Any ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated.



Treating for what purpose? To grow cells? If so, you might be out of luck. You can however, get cell culture chamber slides which are specially charged for growing cells on. See:Falcon chamber slides


Hi All,

I would like the cells to adhere to the cover slip without using any biological or chemical buffers. Otherwise, our fluorescent dye will interfere with the buffers.

Will centrifugation help to adhere the cells to the cover slip without affecting the viability?




I work with adherent cells and find that they grow quite happily on sterile coverslips. Other things that might work are collagen, Matrigel and celltak but I don't know whether any of these would interfere with your dye


YOu could try a cytospin, or do an equivalent of a blood smear.

Otherewise you could try doing your treatments etc, then making a cell clot and sectioning it.


I used to use poly-lysine coated coverslips and then would use them for immunofluorescence without interference.