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What transcription factors are involved in transient transfection - (Jul/27/2011 )

Hi All!
To be more specific; I am using a vector containing the CMV expression promoter and transient transfect that into HEK293 cells.


Maybe you can try this website link @
it is a good site to predict prokayote, eukaryote promoters, protein structure,even in 3D and so many free application there..
you should try maybe it provides you an answer

by the way you also can use this website to predict the promoter and transcription factor

you must choose for use in eukaryote or prokaryotes system...the site will give you a few predicted prmoters and transcriptional factors
within Neural network promoter sequence (shown in the result)

I used both sites (softberry and fruitfly) to reconfirm...

try one and maybe the solution is there:)
good luck

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