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Looking for an affordable source for adenovirus service - (Jul/16/2011 )

I'm looking for an affordable source for adenovirus service so that I can infect primary neurons. I have tried rAAV and lentivirus. The transduction efficiency was not that good. Now I looking for a vendor who can make custom adenovirus with a pricing less than $3000. Can anyone in this forum share the info? Many thanks.


i outsourced adenovirus production to signagen with less than $3000 for each one. they offer bulk order discount for three adenovirus or more. i got 95% GFP+ on primary cultured neurons. they are selling pre-made adenovirus too with around $400 per pack. hope this helps. cheers!


I did not use them,
but one time I was considerling to use them.
Its part of the Baylor Collage of Medicine

I think it was less than 3K