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Optimum serum starvation period for NIH, CHO, COS7 cells - (Jul/12/2011 )

What is the optimum serum starvation period for NIH3T3, CHO and COS7 cells? I need to serum starve my cells for Immunofluorescence studies


Hi there,

Can I ask why is serum starvation required for immunofluorescence purposes?


Its to subdue the performances of many enzyme activities that may be present in the serum and could compete with the activity of my targetted receptors.


Hi sansub,

have you finally decided on an optimum time to serum starve your cells? What I see in the literature is that cells are commonly starved for 12h to 24 hours prior to experiment. My experience is that some cells are more sensitive to cell starvation though, they seem to be dying at prolonged starvation time. They also seem to be stressed, which might change the cells' behavior when compared to being full-fed.


I usually serum starve the NIH and COS cells over night.