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PCS2+ digestion - digestion problem with BAMHl (Jul/11/2011 )

I did a digest of my vector PCS2+ using the BAMHl. The expected band size i am looking for is around 4095 because there is only a single cut site and my plasmid size is around 4095. But somehow i am getting a really bright band below the 3000 and a very light band below 4500 and above 4000. I wonder whether if it is because i leave the digestion running for too long and the enzyme start to have star activity or the enzyme is not working because i also have two similar bands for my control group. But if the enzyme is not working, how can band below 3000 get a lot more brighter compare to my control group?


It sounds like you have a problem with the digestion - Did you run an undigested control? If so, does it show the same pattern as the digested?