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DNA extract quality - (Jul/04/2011 )

Hi there
This is my first call fro help from you experts

I did some feather DNA extraction using Qiagen Kits, however I did some mistake of forgetting to add ethanol to PE buffer, I ve checked the quality of DNA and I found that there is a good concentration of DNA regardless absence of ethanol from the buffer.

Now the question, is there any way to clean such samples from any unwanted chemicals as those samples didn't worked on PCR as others, and I suspect some inhibition due to forgetting ethanol in PE buffer?

Hope some can help with this


You can re-precipitate them by adding a salt and then adding 100% ethanol again, washing in 70% and drying. Basically the last 5 or so steps of a phenol-chloroform extraction.


Yes, try this DNA Clean & Concentrator Kit. for that, it works really well. Also for the gel extraction kit I recommend using the Zymoclean gel extraction kit. Its actually better than Qiagen and its much less expensive.


is qiagen DNA extraction kit from whole bloood better or invitrogene???????????????????