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DNA extraction from liver - (Jun/29/2011 )

I need to extract DNA from liver of mouse. so far i've extracted from its tail
does anyone has a protocol for the liver dna extraction? is it very different?



The same protocol should work - just be aware that liver contains lots of DNAses.


Hello :)

u will go & :-

1) homogenize the tissue. either by using a homogenizer/ blades/ coffee grinder machine ! ;)
2) add PBS in an amount proportional to your tissue volume.
3) good vortexing to the mixture.
4) centrifuge for 10 minutes at 6,000 g.
5) take the supernatent, making sure to take from the interference layer between the upper liquid & the lower homogenized tissue.
6) go and extract.

all the BeSt :)


it worked, thanks