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Tissue culture hood vacuum (aspiration) tubing - What is the best way for storing it between uses? (Jun/28/2011 )

Our lab's TC hoods are dirty (!!!) and we are trying to clean them up and keep them more sterile. One of the sources of grossness is our vacuum tubing/flask. We currently have a 4L vacuum flask (on the floor outside the hood) with a length of tubing attached to it. Then we stick a 1ml pipette tip into the end of the tubing, and use that to aspirate liquid in the hood. The dirty part comes when we want to store the tubing. Usually, we just leave the pipette tip in the tubing, and stick the tip into the vent/grating at the front bottom of the hood. As you can imagine, this is not the cleanest technique.
We've tried to get ideas from other labs/hoods around us, but everyone seems to be doing the same thing. One lab sticks the tip of the tubing into a 50ml Falcon filled with 70% ethanol for storage, but that requires having a tube rack placed inconveniently towards the front of the hood.

Any other suggestions? How does YOUR lab deal with this?



In an old lab we had a 50 ml tube attached to the side of the hood by a screw, that was then filled with virkon. This way the tube is outside the hood.