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USING FORMALDEHYDE - Formaldehyde in ChIP procedure (Jun/27/2011 )


I am about beginnig to chromotinimmunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiments
and it is indicated that to fixation I must use FORMALDEHYDE.

I want to your help espacially who is applying the ChIP or ChIP-on-ChIP experiments..

As you know, formaldehyde is toxic compond. I need to know that how I can use it
during my studies and what I must consider when I use it in the lab..

Thanks a lot...
Murat K. AVCI


Formaldehyde is simply one of the nastiest chemicals around. See the attachment for info on how to protect yourself. I have done a lot of work with ChIP DNA so I feel your pain. I recommend using this ChIP DNA Clean-up & concentration kit for maximum yields.
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