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Bioanalyzer and RNA gel - (Jun/24/2011 )

hi, everyone, i am extracting RNA from a mushroom ,C. cinerea...

after extraction, i run the RNA gel, and it shows two bands...though the ratio of the intensity is not 2:1...but seems there are no smear at the bottom part...seems no degradation

but then i run the bioanalyzer....there are many many small peaks and some only show 1 large peak and a very high base line....

i want to know if i see two sharp bands on the gel, should i also get two peaks at least from the bioznalyzer?....the technian said all my samples are degraded....but it look gd on the will there be any problem perhaps about the bioanalyzer system?? and if the samples are reli degraded, then should i see smear of the sample instead of the two sharp bands?


no photos so I can not give any specific comment. but anyway, I think you can get a lot of things clear from this link:
good luck.


also this one: