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Help! Turned on UV light. Did I kill my cells? - (Jun/23/2011 )

Today I was doing some cell culture work inside the laminar flow hood. While I was working, I accidentally turned on the UV light. The light was on for less than 5 minutes and then I turned it off. My cells were inside the hood when I turned the UV light on. Did I kill all my cells? Is there a chance they may survive?

I was working with A2058 melanoma cells in DMEM + 10% FBS.

My arms were in the hood and covered, and the rest of me was behind the glass. I am not too worried about my skin or eyes.

Thanks for your help!

-Kim Sneed Etzel-

Possibly - the UV can kill the cells, however, most plastics are relatively opaque to UV so there might not have been enough exposure to kill the cells.

Ask your self this question - "Do you trust the are not damaged enough to continue working with them?" From you asking your original question I suspect that you don't trust them... so "If in doubt, throw them out".



That's a good point. If I am unsure at all, I need to throw out the cells and not risk the entire study.


-Kim Sneed Etzel-