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Stable Cell Line generation - (Jun/22/2011 )

Hi, I am currently working to generate several stable cell lines using HEK 293 and HeLa cells. Most of my plasmids are pcDNA3 and I am able to use G418. The HEK 293 seems to work, but my HeLa's don't express the plasmid when I use them in my uptakes. I use TransIT LT-1 for my transient transfection and allow the media to remain on the cells 24-48 hours before removing and adding selection. Suggestions???

I also have pEGFP plasmid that I know very little about. It was Kanamycin resistant when I prepped the DNA. What should I use to try to select for it after transfection?

One more dilemma, do you usually do a kill curve for puromycin or is there a standard amount you should use? I have plasmid with the pKH vector that uses it.

Do you have a site that is a good reference place for someone with a degree in chemistry trying to work very diligently in cell biology???

Thank you!!!

-Winged Monkey-

Always do a titration of the quantity of drug needed to effectively kill the cells before transfection. Check the product manuals for appropriate ranges of concentration.

Do you have a method to check that your transfection is working? If so - use this to test appropriate DNA:transfection reagent conditions for the HeLa.

The pEGFP plasmids I know don't have any eukaryotic selection markers on them.


Your pEGFP vector, is it pEGFP-C1 by any chance? The KanR marker is also a neomycin resistance marker (G418). In fact I think many of the pEGFP vectors that have Kn resistance use the same gene.


Thank you both. I will do my curve for puromycin as well.

-Winged Monkey-