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Which miRNA probe to choose? - (Jun/21/2011 )

I am about to start my study on miRNA using in situ hybridization and I am stuck as I am not able to find much providers. I only got Exiqon's LNA probe to begin with now and I am not sure if it would work good or not. Moreover, a colleague of mine told me that the companies don't keep a fixed price on such probes. What the dunce !! Can anyone please help in identifying anyone else who provide miRNA probes...Not to mention, a great help it will be if you could help me with the prices. Don't want my Dept Head to get back at me later for this...



i think that in situ for miRNA is very challenging and you might want to follow some published protocols as a start - amybe even using the same probes. tuschl's group for example used quite some LNA probes in the below publication.
maybe it is informative to you...