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HeLa cell anatomy question - (Jun/09/2011 )


I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the little vesicle-like particles on my HeLa cells are in the picture that I have attached. My adviser tried to tell me it is yeast, however, i do not agree. I think that the vesicles are part of the cell.

Does anyone know what they are or what they are called?

I appreciate anyone's help.

Thank you
Attached Image


It looks like something on the outside of the cell. It could be debris from dying cells or it could be yeast, though I didn't see any sign of the typical budding yeast forms.


I agree with bob,
it does not look like yeast, but it does not look like vesicle inside of the cells either


Does your media turn cloudy? I think it might be residual from apoptotic death.