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real time rt PCR - bloodyurine - inhibition - (Jun/09/2011 )

I work with running real time PCR s on urine samples, sometimes bloody urine samples, lookin for for mRNA markers for cancer diagnosis. the bloody samples dont yield good Cts. Could you suggest additives/pcr enhancers? I tried .1- 1 mM EDTA, hoping it will help chelate the iron in the blood n help the pcr. but it didnt. Many forums talk abt bsa and betaine etc, but does anyone know of any additive more relavant to real time RT PCR?



I'm working with qPCR too and I have the same question. Can I use BSA for enhancer my qPCR? I read some references about this, but either related with qPCR. Anybody can help me?

thanks for all