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infection with two retroviruses? - Delivery of two Genes in distinct virus constructs, does it work? (Jun/07/2011 )


I'd like to deliver two genes into a cell culture system. We've already set up a retrovirus system (MoMuLV based, with puro selection), and I want to infect these infected and selected cells with another virus that carries another transgene. Does that work? and how is the efficiency on this?
Does the second virus need a different pseudotyping? or should I use another virus (lenti? adeno?)

If anybody has some input on this, this would be great!
Many thanks!!
dedee :)




Both virus you will select with puro?
if both virus has different selection marker (ab resistance or GFP), then I will mix two virus and infect at the same time.

if you do one at a time it might takes time but effeciency will be better than the two virus mixture.
But it really depends on your virus transfection effeciency and potential effect from transgene expression. So it is hard to say.


Thanks! That's helpful :) I'll use one with puro, the other with neo selection. Reading you post, I guess I'll just mix the viruses and infect then.
Many thanks!