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THP-1 cell line - (Jun/07/2011 )

I had thawed a new vial of THP-1 cells which I had frozen in 2007 but they are not growing now. what can be the problem.


What's your media? What does it contain?

I use: RPMI + 10% FCS + 1% P/S + 1% glutamax + .1% B-mercaptoethanol

They tend to double in 36 hours or so.
What's your splitting density?


Was it frozen in -80 or in liquid nitrogen? And did you have accidents of liquid nitrogen loss at any point?


I treat my THP-1 with PMA. I prepared 50 ml medium RPMI with 10% inactivated serum, antibiotics solution and 50 ng/ml PMA. I would like to know If I can store this medium in refrigerator for a few days? MAybe I should do a fresh medium for every experiment….