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CaMKII alpha promoter and cell tranfection - (Jun/06/2011 )

Hi felas,

I've built a vector with the neuronal CaMKII alpha promoter and now I need a cell line to test it. I have tryed with SHS5Y cells but the transfection reagent (turbofect from fermentas) are killing them. Also lipofectamin.

2 questions:

how do you transfect SHSY5Y cells?

do you know any other cell line that are able to express genes driven by neuronal CamKII alpha promoter?

thanks a lot



I successfully transfected SH-SY5Y cells using a device from nanoTherics Ltd ( ~80% transfection efficiency and ~90% viability.

What is the size of your plasmid?

I have also successfully transfected Primary Hippocampal Neurons with an 11kb plasmid (Synapsin-1 promotor) with the same device!

Good luck!

Aims :)