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grants for Master - help plz (Jun/04/2011 )

Hi guys

not sure where to post my topic :unsure:
sorry if this is the wrong place :unsure:

anyway..need your help PLZ..I searched the web, but couldn't find useful info.. :(

I'm looking for a grant to prepare for a Master degree..ok..this is not the problem since there are many institutions offering scholarships and/or grants..i know :P

I'm looking for a grant, but i wish to study here at my country coz unfortunately i couldn't get's really difficult and it's not becoz of money :(

am i getting crazy :ph34r:, plz don't laugh at me :wacko:

through my searching, i found this: have a look plz

first, i was :P , but after reading the details, i became <_< , and later :(
it was for those preparing or already having phd :( :ph34r:


I dont think there are any international organisations giving grants for students that want to do a masters in their home country.
(+ you say there are many grants for masterstudents abroad.. I have doubts about that too.. are most grants not for PhD students or post docs? ANd the international grants for those that decide to study in anoter country then their homecountry.)

It does make sense: why pay for someone in his own country.. the purpose of (most) international grants etc is to "lure" people out of their home country...

And what is a grant anyway? You mean "cheaper fee" to enter or get money to study somewhere.. because there is a difference between those.
And I dont think a lot of organisations will pay students to go study somewhere to get a masters degree.. A PhD.. thats another story.

So you need to look for grants from your own country (organisations in your country) and I doubt there will be anyone here that can help you with that, unless they are from Bahrein.

Or am I missing something here?

PS.: is it that expensive to get a master degree in Bahrain? Dont you just need to enroll at university and thats it? Or how does it work then?


hi pito...thnx 4 respond

sorry..i may need to change the title..i didn't mean grants or anything related..sorry, not to be specific, but have no enough awareness regarding the diff types :ph34r:

Regarding those local organizations who offer grants...well, there r loans! <_<
will search more :unsure:

about universities: fees of one uni offering Master degrees may reach $13000, this is for the 1st year (2 semesters) +6600 for every semester till graduation! :ph34r:


hi strawberry,

Don't feel discouraged, ok? :) Have you already inquired from the graduate admissions dept of the uni you're interested in if there are scholarships or fellowships available for masteral students? There can't be just loans. And if they don't have any, they most probably have information about other possible sources of funding.

Another way is to get accepted by a professor and they probably can apply for funding for you thru some gov't programs or even from private institutions...have you checked if there are some cooperative gov't projects (in science or education) with the other arabic nations (like Saudi Arabia etc) that give scholarships to students for study in their respective countries? Or how about the arab foundation for science or even the gulf council.... Anyways, you have to continue looking if you really want to pursue a masters degree....good luck...


casandra on Sun Jun 5 03:41:00 2011 said:

.... Anyways, you have to continue looking if you really want to pursue a masters degree....good luck...

yes, i need to continue searching :lol:
thnx casandra ;)