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Transfection of CHO cells with Fc receptor - Problems with expression murine Fcgamma recptor (Jun/01/2011 )

I am trying to tranfect CHO cells with the murine FcgammaRIII. I cotransfect it with the murine gamma chain as I have read that this is required for protein expression. I have tried lipofectamine, Fugene and x-tremegene at varying conditions but it does not work. I have tranfected human FcgammaRIIIb receptor in the same CHO cell line without any problem both with -tremegene and lipofectamin. Does anyone have any ideas on why my expression/transfection does not work.



I too came across a similar situation, in which i could express a contruct in 293 or Hela but couldnt make it express in some of my cancer model cell lines which is definetely not transfection resistant (though not highly competent like 293), as i could express some other plasmids with ease. the only difference i could say between these cell lines is that my cancer models has endogenous expression whereas the 293 or hela my concern is would the cells wont allow to express the exogenous if it already has the same protein highly expressed endogenously???...if anybody came across such a phenomenon and if you have any explanation for this please shed your inputs...thanks in advance...bye..