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Help on mIcroRNA expression levels - concentration needed (May/19/2011 )

Hello guys,

i am working on a biosensor to do electronic detection of microRNA. In particular mir-21

I been looking for references to point out the clinical significance of microRNA concentrations present in normal/cancer cells. Some of the data i have come across have been difficult to intrepret as i have an engineering background primarily. So i hope i could seek your help.

Usually concentrations i use for displayed in ng/uL sort of format, so some of the numbers are confusing. For example, this article presents the data in perecentage.

So i hope i could get some information on the clinically revelant levels of microRNA-21 i should find in a body.

Thank you


In the paper you refer to, the percentages were used to reflect the relative changes in miRNA expression. If you want to measure the concentration of miRNA in clinical samples such as in serum, you can do absolute quantification on qPCR using template standards in which the copy number of DNA is known.