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Antibiotic Cocktail - (May/18/2011 )


I require an urgent help as I would like to know the composition of Antibiotic cocktail which comprises of different antibiotics (Kanamycin, Penicillin, Streptomycin, Amphotericin etc).

I basically use Pen/Strep solution but I have been told about the Antibiotic cocktail which terminates the growth of bacteria when used once in cell culturing

Please help me out.

Thanx in advance


Unless you are doing primary culture from skin samples or other heavily contaminated source, you should not need any antibiotics in your cell culture.

Adding antifungals such as amphotericin alters how the cells behave quite a lot... you are much much better off throwing out the contaminated cells, cleaning your work place, and getting fresh stocks up.

Drug cocktails at their very best will eliminate contaminations for a while - until the bacteria develop resistance and then the drugs may suppress obvious contamination. If the cells are contaminated even a little bit, by hidden populations of bacteria, they will be changing how the cells behave!