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RNA precipitation - (May/18/2011 )

Dear All,
I have to purifiy RNA from an immunoprecipitated (RNA immunoprecipitation)sample.
can anyone suggest me how to precipitate RNA using Sodium acetate (conc??) and Isopropanol (volume??) directly without any preceding steps involving trizol or phenol?
Thanks in Advance.

-Myco Rax-


Try selective precipitation of RNA if you want to by-pass organic extraction (e.g. Trizol or phenol). This is accomplished by using LiCl with final concentration of 2 to 3M. You can wash the resultant pellet with 3M LiCl twice before reconstituting the RNA pellet in DEPC treated water.

An extra ethanol precipitation step can be incorporated after LiCl preciptation (if needed).