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LNCaP and AR status - (May/16/2011 )

Dear All,

I am new with LNCaP. Can anyone tell me if AR is active in these cells or should I stimulate them with androgen? As RPMI has Phenol Red and it is estrogen mimic, can it make lncaps to be active regarding Androgen receptor?

I am doing a pull down studies for AR and a transcription factor. Is there any suggestions, if I should use prostate cells like LNCaP or 293s which is cotransfected with both AR and Transcription factor?

Please Help me scientists, I am new in this field and it is going to kill me
.....I thank you all for your suggestions



LNCaP cells have functional AR expression and are androgen responsive. If you don't want your medium to contain any androgen, you should use charcoal stripped serum or even serum free medium. If you want to pulldown AR associated DNA or proteins, certainly Lncap is a good model cell.