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Remove gDNA from RNA sample - (May/13/2011 )


Is it possible to remove gDNA from RNA sample by run gel electrophoresis and cut the RNA band and purify the gel to get pure RNA without DNA? :ph34r:


I think you have a misconception here. The RNA bands on gel are just 18S and 28S rRNA. You cannot remove DNA by isolating the prominent bands on gel and have to treat your RNA isolation with DNase.


gDNA can be removed easily by by digestion with DNase I and purification with TRIzol.



Resuspend sample in Phenol-Chloroform, mix well and centrifuge at max. Aqueous phase = mostly RNA, Hydrophobic phase = protein/lipids, interphase = mostly DNA

Perform further cleaning for use in downstream processes (e.g. with ethanol precipitation)