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HMEC-1 - (May/11/2011 )

Hi, i am encountered problem in culturing the human foreskin micorvascular endothelial cell (HMEC-1), especially in passange 6 onwards. The cell grows very slow even in T25 flask. It take about 10 days to get 80% confluent. I use MCDB 151 supplemented with 10%FBS and 5% pen/strep. Is there any one have any experience in culturing this kind of cell.
I am thinking to transfect the HMEC-1 using Fugene 6. What ratio would be suitable to use for transfecting the HMEC-1.



I am trying to culture human micorvascular endothelial cell from foreskin, however, in our stomatological hospital, the mucosa, not foreskin, is more convenient for culturing. Therefore, I want to know whether there are differences between oral mucosa and foreskin for culturing HMECs.