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Fluorescent probe for in situ hybridization - synthesize the probe (May/09/2011 )

Folks,have you ever tried to synthesize the probe by yourself since the commercial probe from Vysis is too expensive to afford :( ?
I want to study the rat chromosome 18 by performing a FISH assay. So first of all, I have to gain a probe conjugated with fluochromes.Here comes the problem, how long the probe should be if I want to study the whole chromosome? Please share your story. Thanks in advance. :rolleyes:


Hey,Did u get ur answer for your query???
Even im working on FISH and also quite new to this technique and i hope the link that i have will help you out,I know its very late to reply you.If you have finished working on FISH please do share the information that you have regarding Fluorescence in situ hybridization.

Here is the link

Thanks in advance.