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website on plant diseases - (May/04/2011 )

Hallo all,

I was wondering if someone maybe knew a website that collects and gives all kind of plantdiseases?

I know you can google on a certain disease etc, but I wondered if anyone knew a good website that gives detailed explenation on a lit of diseases (with pictures too for example).
Or maybe a website that gives links to such websites (that show some diseases then).

Or maybe anyone knows a good comprehensive book?


I think you will not find comprehensive sites, but you can start here, the FAO and national institutions often have their own specialisied sites, so you should try to start via those.



ISPI offers CDs and some links, but mostly insects.
FAO had once a global plant and pest information system, but it's gone...
And here is a website with lots of links for everything in this topic.
Anyway I guess it's too laborious and expensive to maintain a global database on this. It's very dynamic (new pests, new names, new alerts, invasions, methods etc) and there are vast numbers of pests, diseases and plants. And the organisations in this field are too underfunded to do this. So every continent (and sometimes country) has it's own database and pests.


this site is not precisely for plant diseases, but it is for parasitic plants... don't know how regularly it is updated though.


try the website for

aswell as the extension site for plant pathology at cornell university-