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Is pyrosequencing necessary? - Sequencing PCR products (May/04/2011 )

After bisulfite treatment and PCR amplification, I was planning to use the same primers for sequencing (BigDye) but I've been told I HAVE to use pyrosequencing. Maybe this is too basic, but I can't understand why?? I'm not sure my supervisor will approve an order of such expensive biotinylated primers! Thank you for your help!


is it becuase you have a pyrosequencer handy to use in your lab?

There are a lot of papers publishing results from pryosequencing as it's the flavour of the month.



Well, I was told by the person who works in the facility. They have the pyrosequencer... and charge per reaction... I'm going to try to sequence with normal primers. By the way, for direct sequencing from PCR products do you design internal primers or use the same you used for the PCR? Or you clone?