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Remove cells from dish and fix them in slides - (May/04/2011 )

Can someone help me with the following problem

I urgently need to remove cells from dishes and set them on slides for staining.

Given the limited resources would have someone help me if this results?

Remove cells from dish with trypsin-EDTA, centrifuged them and dissolve them in 1% paraformaldehyde and puts them in a normal microscopy slide (I don't have access to salinized slides) until dry.



You can grow cells on coverslips and then stain and remove the coverslips and invert onto slides... much easier.


I already tried to grow cells in 6 well plates with coverslips in the wells

But the cells grow in both sides of the coverslip, and as I need infect the cells, the majority of the inocullum stays bellow the coverslip and in the spaces of the well with no coverslip.

So, I would like to try infect the cells in dishes/plates and, posteriorly, try to remove them from the dish and fix them in slides to coloration.

Anyone could help me with that?


Have a look for cytospin protocols, they may be what you are after.