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Questions about DEPC treatment - (May/02/2011 )

Hi all,

I'm confused about using DEPC treated water, it's recommended to dissolve RNA pellet with DEPC treated water, and at the same time not recommended to clean the glasswares with it, because it have bad effect on RNA, Protein and RT-PCR reaction, if so, why we dissolve the RNA pellet with DEPC treated water?

I prepared DEPC treated water before 2 months, but now i saw something like cloudy mass in the bottle :blink: , is it normal? i never saw like this before!!


The general rule is: "If in doubt, throw it out" Do you really want to use it and have it destroy your experiments, or worse, get odd results and not know if it is the water or a real result.


depc will kill rnases. after treating the water, residual depc is destroyed by autoclaving (2x). you use it to suspend rna pellets because it has no rnases.

depc is highly toxic so you won't want to handle it too much.

that being said, after washing the labware that we use for rna, we would treat with depc (soak the labware in water with depc then autoclave the whole mess).